Our People

Marisa Mandile


Marisa is a marketing, communications and development leader with 20 years’ experience working in both the corporate and non-profit sectors.  Her most recent role prior to joining Philanthropy Squared was the Brand and Stakeholder Lead at Arts Centre Melbourne, which was preceded by her time as Communications Director for an internationally renowned footwear and accessory retailer in Hong Kong.

Marisa was awarded a research fellowship in 2015 which pivoted her career to consulting.  Keenly curious about the role of brand and the power of language to engage and make transformational change, she focused her research inquiry on the role of brand and communications in fundraising in the US non-profit sector as well as corporate philanthropy in the States.  Marisa interviewed over 30 leading organisations, academics, consultants and agencies and published her paper in 2016.   


What attracts you to work in the non-profit sector?

I am deeply passionate about the science behind communications and understanding just how language can inspire people to make transformational change. I am constantly curious about how and why people connect with causes and just how communications can motivate individuals to donate.

Non-profits to watch?

I think all non-profits should be watched!  The sector is facing a critical inflection point as digital platforms erode traditional ways of giving, the next generation is wired to consume communications differently to their older peers and these digital natives are re-imagining the non-profit model.  Non-profits need to critically examine just how they can remain meaningful and relevant in such as dynamic and competitive marketplace.

Next big trend in the sector?

It’s all about social networks and engagement.  Consumers today are hyper-empowered and hyper-connected and have the capacity to influence vast networks. As the Stanford Social Innovation Review claims, in today’s non-profit market, it is survival of the connected.