We are a management consulting firm that enables non-profit organisations to build effective, sustainable development programs.


"Philanthropy Squared guided us with the long-term vision, particularly at Board level."

Jaclyn Moore, Executive GM, Community & Corporate Relations, Baker Heart & Diabetes Institute

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"The private mentoring and coaching enables staff to be more receptive to advice and more open and honest about their professional challenges than perhaps they would be with their line manager. "

Marcus Ward, Senior Director, External Relations, Development & Alumni, Monash University

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"Philanthropy Squared was invaluable at both guiding us through the conceptual as well as the technical details of the practice of philanthropy and the broader sector."

Dr. Mathew Trinca, Director, National Museum of Australia

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"Philanthropy is an art and a science, intensely human and yet governed by clear principles. Philanthropy Squared ensured we got the fundamentals right from the beginning to inform a long-term vision. "

Brook Turner, Director, Engagement & Development, Sydney Opera House

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Our Philosophy

While luck may play a role, the transformational capacity of philanthropic funding is usually the result of strategic, critical thinking. We believe successful development programs are realised when donors understand the scale of the need and can see the direct impact that their gift will make. Organisations must work hard to articulate their cause to the uninitiated and take time to cultivate potential donors in order to provide a meaningful context for the ask.

As consultants to the non-profit sector, we passionately believe in the transformational power of philanthropy. We understand the essential role that philanthropic funding plays for the institutions we serve and recognise just how it can enable organisations to remain a vital contributor to the sector and ultimately to our individual and collective lives.

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