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    There have been so many new developments in the non-profit sector in recent years. As strategy consultants, we see both sides of the equation: we work with organisations responding to a rapidly changing funding environment; and we meet visionary donors who can see opportunities to do good and are trying to make strategic giving decisions. Above all, we see a nation trying to establish the right fit for philanthropy in its own context. What should donors properly expect in return for their philanthropic involvement? How should non-profit organisations meet these expectations? Where should government funding stop and philanthropy start, and how do sales, investments and earned income fit into institutions set up to serve public good purposes?

    In this section of our website we aim to present the world as seen from both sides of the philanthropy debate – the grant-maker as well as the grant-seeker. We’re all in this to make the world a better place, but effective change and social cohesion will only come about when we work closer together. People who trust and respect each other can achieve anything. The cause, whatever it may be, is not helped if organisations find donors a nuisance, or if donors think they have all the answers!

    We hope this section will evolve as a practical and wide-ranging resource. You will find ideas and commentary drawn from leaders across the sector. You will also find suggested further reading and links to a range of philanthropy-related websites around the world.

    We invite you to read, think, challenge, take action – you too can change the world.