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  • Associate Consultant – Helen Woods

    Helen Woods is Director and a Principal of The Strategy Team Pty Ltd, a group of committed social entrepreneurs providing specialised advisory services and support to enterprising organisations wanting to shape a better world for themselves and their communities. Helen has over twenty years experience working in the areas of business development, strategic planning, change management, system capacity building, leadership development, fundraising and philanthropy.

    Helen offers group facilitation to corporate and nonprofit teams, professional and industry groups and workplace communities across Australia. Using her innovative practices and techniques, Helen helps clients turn challenging and complex situations around through co-creating and designing new solutions and shared outcomes.

    Helen's client relationships focus on developing leadership potential, building dynamic teams and strategically positioning enterprises to work on the emergence of new cultures, paradigms and fields of possibilities.

    Her core focus in the practice is helping clients find the resources and funding they need to be successful and sustainable. As a professional fundraiser and facilitator of change she has enhanced skills and expertise in all aspects of campaign planning and management.

    Helen has consulted to the public sector, big business, NGOs, SMEs, the education sector and industry groups. She has also led the development and marketing of start-up inventions, from product design through to full commercial operation.

    She is an Associate Professor in the Bowater Business School at Deakin University and the Deputy Chairman of the Arts and Entertainment Academic Advisory Board and for many years served as a Director on the Bays and Peninsulas Tourism Campaign Committee in Victoria.